​​Welcome to Prairie Suppers. This site is inspired by my rich family tradition of adventurous home cooks preparing and presenting food for intimate suppers, family gatherings, and elegant entertaining. The recipes, gathered from many sources and shared through generations, inform my cooking and entertaining today.  Fresh food that is thoughtfully prepared and beautifully served is a feast for the senses and a celebration of life.  Inside you will find a fresh approach to new recipes and old classics, menu and entertainment ideas, and the story of a family’s journey to deeply satisfying and delicious meals.

There's always room for one more at the table!

- Anne

About Me

I am an adventurous home cook raised by parents whose love of cooking resulted in both gourmet feasts and humble family meals in our home. Recipes were carefully written down, often with details such as the origin of the recipe and year it was acquired. Gently-worn cookbooks had jotted notes in the page margins, indicating variations my dad made to the published instructions. My parents’ idea of a vacation was a short trip to New York City to see a couple Broadway shows, and shop for French cookware. While other teen friends paged through family subscriptions to National Geographic or Reader’s Digest, our family’s magazine of choice was Gourmet. “Gourmet’s Meal of the Month” and the Travel Section fostered my interest in kitchen creativity and provided endless vicarious journeys to other cultures through their foods.

My career as a college music educator brought me from the Great Lakes to the Prairie, where I have lived and worked for over 20 years. My prairie suppers are a fusion of the fast paced urban environment in which I learned to cook and entertain, and the more relaxed and casual gatherings on the rural prairie.  This blog is a celebration of life, evoking memories of the past, and creating new ones through laughter, love, and good food shared with family and friends at a bountiful table.
My dad, making magic in the kitchen c. 1965.
Me as a preteen, about the time I became interested in cooking.
My mom, always the joyful cook! c. 1962